The Greatest Game Ever Played

Read it, roll it, hole it.

The Greatest Game Ever Played focuses on a famous golf game. More specifically, this is the story of the US Open of 1913. Frankly, I don't play golf, and I don't watch it on TV, so why would I enjoy a film about a golf game from almost 100 years ago? Well, it really is quite a tale and apparently the movie is closely based on a true story.

Like in the fictional film Tin Cup, the US Open allows qualifying amateurs to compete against pro golfers. Back in the early 1900's golf was an upper class sport. (With the costs associated with it, maybe it still is). Through a series of events, we end up with a caddy playing against the British champion. It was done well, and had me on the edge of my seat.

While on face value this is a film about golf, there is some additional depth here. The deeper level deals with class divide in early 20th century America. This is all supported by well done scenery of Boston in this era complete with horses, early motorcars and period costumes.

In summary, The Greatest Game Ever Played offers a strong "stand up and cheer" sports movie, backed up by something more.

Overall Grade: A

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