...When Dreams and Reality Collide

Dakota Fanning stars in Dreamer, based on a true story about a race horse. My first response to this movie was "How many times can we remake the girl with a horse movie?" Well after enjoying Dreamer, the answer is at least once more.

The plot centers around the horse, Dreamer, with strong bloodlines, and some early wins shows great potential. However, a leg injury indicates that the horse should be put down. What follows is a tale of a family that attempts the near impossible, and have to literally "bet the farm," in the process.

The beautiful scenery of Lexington, Kentucky adds to the visual imagery, and supports the story. The vast expanses of green grass and stretches of white fence were a joy to see.

Dreamer also educated me ino some of the financial considerations of thoroughbred horse racing. At over 100 grand to enter some races, this is not for the faint of heart.

Dreamer is one of a few movies that both children and adults can equally enjoy. It is definitely not just another horse movie.

Overall Grade: A

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