Star Wars Gangsta Rap

An inventive mashup of various Star Wars scenes set to rap music. May the force be with you!

Overall Grade: B+


zensnob said...

you must admit you have a great yelling name, almost as good as henRYYY!

have to give props to the original, animated, version set to this music, which has been around since at least 2004. not that i can find it in my distributed McArchives out here @ BNL.

there is also another star wars spoof set in a supermarket, starring vegetables, promoting organic farming practices. but that might be a bit much for most.

topbeagle said...

Agreed, it should be noted that this at least the forth of fifth version of the orginal star wars fan film, which was done in flash many years ago. It's ghetto flash is it's charm. In this version you miss most of the jokes. The mp3 download of this tune was also very popular at the time. It is the atom films best star wars fan film of all time.