Freeway (1996)

If Freeway didn't have two big name stars in it, namely Reese Witherspoon and Keifer Sutherland in it, no one would even look at this movie. Actually, even with the two of them in it, this film is still pretty awful as it tries to be a modern Little Red Riding Hood.

The plot is based on that there is a killer on the I-5 in Southern California (SoCal to those that live out there). Witherspoon is Vanessa Lutz, a troubled teen who can barely read. Her mother is a prostitute. Her father gets high on illicit drugs and molests his daughter. When the police show up, the parents are taken away, and social services is to deal with Vanessa. Before they can, Vanessa sneaks off, and makes a run for it. Before too long, Bob Wolverton (Keifer Sutherland) picks Vanessa up after some car trouble. Surprise, surprise, he turns out to be the I-5 killer. What follows next is contrived violent drama.

I found Freeway to be thoroughly unsatisfying. This is the kind of film that they parody in films like Scary Movie X. If it wasn't for the two notable stars, this film would be forgotten, and even with them, I would still pass this one by.

Overall Grade: D

Reviewed by Jonas

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