Sex Sells (1994)

Considering how controversial, silly, serious, and sexual the world of porn is, making a boring comedy about it seems a nigh-impossible feat. Unfortunately, the comedy Sex Sells manages this horrendous feat.

This movie uses the mocumentary format as Bernard Michael Hyman (Jay Michael Ferguson) films and follows around legendary porn director Chuck Steak (Mark DeCarlo) as Chuck creates his latest skin flick from start to finish. All the characters are involved in this latest porno, including "old pro" Roxy Free (Priscilla Barnes) and computer genius and new starlet Purcey Galore (Lisa Jay). And these "funny" character names should give you an idea of the level of sophistication of the movie.

Sex Sells can't even decide on its tone. There are times when it goes for broad comedy, such as a porn star who claims a 42" piece of equipment (which, of course, shoots up and hits the cameraman) or auditions (where women are told it pays $500 a day, while men are told it's $75 a day and they have to provide everything needed themselves). There are times when the movie goes for a "serious" feel, as when the stars consistently manipulate Bernard or talk about tricks of the trade. And the movie also veers into melodrama as secrets are revealed, twisted, and used; when one character comments "It's a frickin' soap opera" all I could think was "ain't that the truth." And none of these elements work: Sex Sells isn't funny, serious, or engaging.

I got this movie when the local video store was closing and Sex Sells was for sale cheaper than it would be to rent. I still feel ripped off. If you want to see a funny movie about porn, go with the great Orgazmo by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Avoid Sex Sells.

Overall grade: F

Reviewed by James Lynch

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