I know that at least a few folks that read this site will recall the study breaks in the honors lounge at our alma mater. Being a bunch of geeks, we didn't have that beer keg hidden in the back, and we certainly weren't inhaling anything (except the fumes of the organic chemistry lab). Rather, there were two popular board games that entertained us for years. One was Risk, and the more complicated one was Axis & Allies.

While both were fun, the downside was that the setup and clean up was a job in itself. Also, there were lots of little plastic pieces that were easy to lose, never to be found again (they're probably in between some sofa cushions somewhere). Anyway, it always seemed like the perfect game to put onto a computer adaptation. Not only that, but I recently stumbled upon it, and it's multiplatform for Windoze, Apple, and even Linux, and it's open source freeware. Cool!

You can jump over here for some more details and a screenshot, and where there is a link for download as well. I'm debating starting an email game, so feel free to weigh in on the comments either way. Hey, it's still an entertaining way to kill some time...

Overall Grade: B+

Reviewed by Jonas

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