On Our Second Anniversary...

Wow! Another year down, and it's been a busy one here on The Armchair Critic. Ever since our first post, we've been endeavoring to entertain, educate, and impart useful information that you can't find anywhere else on the entire internet. Here's my view of how our sophomore effort went.

Quite well in the end. Despite the loss of one of our more prolific writers who needed to move on to other endeavors, we still managed over 300 posts in 2007, up from under 200 the year before. Special thanks to Jeff, Jim, and Scott for their regular and high quality output. I'd also like to give an honorable mention to Rachel for her annual contribution expertise, and Armchair Newcomer Ian who brings his youthful viewpoint. Only as a team can this all succeed, and we've assembled a first rate one.

This internet game is all about links, and we've done much better this year than last. In fact, the prestigious Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has been routinely picking up our content. Also, movie site Popcorn Monsters carries our reviews as well. This among other links this year gets us the exposure that we need.

With exposure comes traffic. From the chart we can see that our traffic has essentially doubled most months compared to last year- not the easiest thing to do amidst more and more sites all competing for your eyeballs. Thanks again to all that stop by, and make us your destination for the most opinionated reviews out there on a wide variety of topics. We look forward to another successful year!


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Fletch said...

Congrats! I recently celebrated my first anniversary, so I know how you feel. Be proud - you've got a great site going here!