Killer Wave (2007)

Killer Wave is the aptly named television miniseries that takes a look at the destruction that can result from a tsunamis. It aired in August on the Ion network; I watched it on DVD.

The concept is not a bad one. A large wave hits the South Jersey shore, and scientists are seeing a trend of waves coming from the Arctic circle. Kind of seriously unusual for the Atlantic Ocean, no? They start to round up the usual suspects, and of course point the finger solidly at global warming, after all what else could it be? Angus McFayden adequately plays John McAdams, not to be confused with the second president, and is currently a retired scientist that now ekes out a living on writing thriller novels that aren't selling too well. He is pulled off the bench, and pressed into duty to help solve this global crisis.

Unfortunately, the plot moves along at a snail's pace. At almost three hours, half of it needed to end up on the floor, and there was probably a film worth watching in the remains. Seriously, there were multiple points of plot stall, and "no forward motion of the plot," as I like to dub it for extended periods. This type of film is hardly an in depth character study, so I'm not sure why so much fluff, to the total detriment of the overall film.

In its defense, if you watch the first half hour, and the last half hour, then this film is not half bad, and least watchable. The end played out like a 70's era cop show finale, complete with shootout, and a foiled attempt at world domination (insert Dr. Evil laugh track here). Still, unless you're a serious fan of plots centering around ecoterrorism, reminding me of this novel, than I would recommend steering clear of this Killer Wave.

Overall Grade: C-

Reviewed by Jonas

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