Transformers (2007)

At least in my mind, Transformers was the closest thing we had to a summer blockbuster in 2007. I don't know about you, but we always had plenty of the Transformer toys around the house when the 80's show was so popular. About the most exciting thing about those toys was to switch them from their car to their robot forms. You'll recall, it went something like this, "Great, it's a car, no wait, it's a robot, and cool, it's a car again," all to the cool sound effects. It was with this fond memory that I went ahead and watched Transformers.

After over two hours, my view is that this film has some really spectacular special effects, but no real story to tell. At times, it is quite visually interesting, and probably the best special effects I have seen on the big screen for quite some time. Through computer generated animation, the robots seem as real as the actors throughout the movie.

However, along the same lines as Scott's review of Radiohead's latest effort, it's simply not enough to create a satisfying experience. Great special effects are merely one ingredient to an awesome blockbuster experience, and sadly Transformers is lacking in every other department. Engaging dialogue? Plot twists and turns? Overall theme? Believable characters? Character development? Relating an experience? Sadly, this film doesn't delve into any of these things. In addition, the old Transformer cartoons had more of a story to tell to my best recollection, and they were only a half an hour- with commercials!

Unbelievably, Transformers made over 700 million bucks worldwide, so I'm sure there is a sequel in the works. Perhaps next time, they can devote a few bucks to the screenplay, and not all to the special effects. It's really a missed opportunity that they couldn't put those great special effects to better use.

I'm also deducting a half grade for overuse of product placement throughout the movie; there's already enough advertisements at the theater IMHO without having it constantly throughout the film like a pop up ad I can't get rid of.

Overall Grade: C

Reviewed by Jonas

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