The Born Again Floozies, 7 Deadly Sinners (Triple R, 2007)

The Born Again Floozies defy an easy description. Then again, it would be a challenge to find the right words to say about any rock band whose rhythm section consists of a tuba and a pair of tap dancers. Throw in a group leader who plays guitar in a uniquely percussive style and writes quirky lyrics about Bible thumpers, getting arrested, and enjoying the company of society's various outcasts, and you have a great recipe for a novelty act. But will this group from Indianapolis still hold people's attention once the novelty of their debut CD 7 Deadly Sinners wears off?

Actually, they just might, due to the legitimate talents of Joey Welch, the head lunatic in the asylum. He's a fine singer and guitarist, and has written at least a couple of tunes whose catchiness transcends their off-kilter presentation. The title song is the obvious single here. Not only does "7 Deadly Sinners" provide a name for the album, but for the band as well: "Born again floozies, heretics all, practicing heathen makers, let's have a ball." "Do Did Does" and "Drivin by the Penetiary" are fine songs as well.

While I can't guarantee that the Born Again Floozies will be more than one-album wonders -- hell, this album may not even get them regular gigs outside of Indianapolis -- but 7 Deadly Sinners is a fun record with a few goofy but likeable songs. I'd definitely recommend this to people in the mood for something a bit different.

Overall grade: B+

reviewed by Scott

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