Top 10 CD's of 2007

Another year, another mountain of CD's reviewed here. As I've finally got all the reviews up, I'll spare long discussions and just link to the original posts.

10. The Born Again Floozies, 7 Deadly Sinners: I had a whole bunch of B+ albums, and room for only one of them in the top 10. (I think I need to make some of my B+ grades into B's, while we're on the subject. Some of the B+ albums were clearly better than others.) Perhaps being freshest in my memory gave this particular CD the needed boost, but chalk one up for novelty.

9. Vieux Farka Touré: The younger Farka Touré picks up his father's mantle with nicely with a lot of groove-oriented guitar playing on his debut.

8. Alamaailman Vasarat, Maahan: Totally frenetic, but also totally original and fun.

7. John Fogerty, Revival: A venerable legend gets mad, gets even, and keeps rocking.

6. Roachford, Word of Mouth: It will take more than my word of mouth to get Roachford albums released in the U. S. again. Our loss.

5. Kíla, Gambler's Ballet: Another album not yet released here, but at least I have hopes for this one.

4. Gomez, How We Operate: I know, this came out in 2006, but it would have cracked last year's list had I known about it. So it's on this year's list instead.

3. Väsen, Linnaeus Väsen: A great live act in either format, but their albums as a quartet have always worked a little better for me than their albums as a trio.

2. Ranarim, Morning Star: Two Swedish albums in the top three. Deal with it.

1. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Baby 81: Essential hard rock from a band that keeps getting better.

reviewed by Scott

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