You Kill Me (2007)

You Kill Me is a recent "killer comedy" featuring actor Ben Kingsley and director John Dahl. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't find it humorous at all.

If we were going for the most implausible plot, then this film should be nominated. Get this: Kingsley plays Frank, a Buffalo, NY mobster that has a serious problem- his drinking is interfering with his work. After his intoxication causes him to sleep through a job, his mob boss sends him to San Francisco to detox, and attend AA meetings. During the day he works as a mortuary tech. Along the way he develops a romantic relationship with Laurel, played by Tea Leoni. Does any of this sound funny to you? I thought not.

As You Kill Me progresses, we figure out that Frank only attends the AA meetings, and "falls off the wagon" plenty because he wants to go back to killing. He openly stands up at the AA meetings and shares this with the group. Scripted better, this could have been a joke as the group thinks he's talking about something else, but we don't take it to the next level.

In short, You Kill Me is flat, and completely implausible. It was a good waste of some serious acting talent.

Overall Grade: C-

Reviewed by Jonas


Fletch said...

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, and I'm sad to see you didn't enjoy it. I loved the music (DeVotchka is a favorite band of mine) and I found it funny. Also, it was the rare performance of Tea Leoni's that I liked.

digitaldoc said...

The coming attraction was better than the movie.