3 Lbs.

Among ER, House M.D. and Grey's Anatomy, is there really room for another medical program? After previewing the season premiere of 3Lbs. online, I think the answer is a "yes." (FYI: three pounds refers to the weight of an adult human brain).

This medical show focuses on a Manhattan hospital, and its patients with neurological problems. The premiere had patients with the diagnoses of astrocytoma and AVM (arteriovenous malformation). Neurological diseases, at least to me, are always interesting in terms of the presenting symptoms (at least until the CAT scan is completed...). The medical issues are made alive through the use CSI style animations.

The real stars of the show are the doctors. The principals appear to be the senior neurosurgeon, played by the able Stanley Tucci, who has a brillant mind and excellent hands, but can't relate on a personal level to anyone, not even himself (I happen to know a few people like this...). Complementing his abilities is his "fellow " (a doctor who is subspecializing and receiving advanced training). The fellow has excellent interpersonal skills, and ends up translating the "medicalese" with the patients. Rounding out the mix is an attractive and single neurologist, and an antisurgery radiation oncologist.

The interplay of the characters is excellent, and some of the hospital politics is shown. I enjoyed the pilot, but my only concern is if the range of neurosurgical diagnoses can sustain an audience's interest for more than a season or two. In the meantime, enjoy!

Overall Grade: B+

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