Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Vacation has always been the comedic classic of family trip movies. Now RV is the updated version for the new millenium.

Williams has to cancel his Hawaiian vacation when a younger colleague at work threatens his job, big time. He decides to make the best of it by secretly making a family RV trip into a working vacation as they meander from Southern California up to the mountains of Colorado.

Williams comedic genius is well done as he motors across America's West. From running over things, to fighting wild animals, to "trash talkng" kids at the campground, he is truly funny all the way. While there is enough bathroom humor to amuse even a colorectal surgeon, the scene of Williams emptying the toilet of the RV, assisted by fellow campers, is destined to be a classic.

The comedy is strong, but the plot successfully glues the experience together into a meaningful whole. A lot of films promise to make you laugh out loud, but RV truly delivers, which is a rare find. It's destined to be the classic family travel film of this decade. Before you pack your bags and chart your course for the open road, definitely watch RV.

Overall Grade: A
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