State of the Union

This is the third part of Brad Thor's popular series of Scott Harvath novels, the totally all American, ex-SEAL, ex-Secret Service agent. This plot is a little different from the prior novels as it concerns itself with Russian suitcase nukes. After Russia "pretends" to lose the cold war, sleeper cells in the US get activated and portable nukes get strategically placed to blackmail our President into pulling back our military from superpower status. The country turns to Harvath (who else can save the world?) to solve the problem, and get inside Russia.

I found State of the Union to be an enlightening twist back to simpler days when Russia was the "evil empire," and we knew who the enemy was. As usual, Thor takes us on a whirlwind tour with robust descriptions of multiple European locales (in his previous life he produced a travel show). The plot is not completely far fetched as there have always been rumors of Russian suitcase nukes that are on American soil. The story is told in a well paced fashion, with only minimal breaks in the action. We also get to see Harvath use some of his prior SEAL training which hadn't come up earlier in the series.

I recommend State of the Union to all readers of adventure fiction. I'm sure they won't be disappointed.

Overall Grade: A

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