Lost On Lost, Season Three Interruptus

I've been what I describe as a "casual fan" of ABC's show Lost. I've been intrigued by the multiple interweaving mysteries since the first episodes. I've endured the countless background stories and flashbacks that never seem to really relate to what's currently happening on the Island. There are too many characters to start with, and every few episodes they seem to add a few more. The plot has so many subplots that I can't remember them all, and some basic ones from the first season, like the monsters on the island, are still quite unresolved and no further revealed.

So after enduring the above, I was rather disappointed to find out that after only a handful of episodes this fall, we're now on a three month hiatus. At least they should show the first episodes again, in the interim. They put this silly "filler show" in the meantime, that I think all the Lost fans should boycott simply on principal. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait until February to get further confused...
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