Accepted (2006)

Back in the glory days of Saturday Night Live (translation: it was actually funny!), they had this skit about this fake college. The idea was that your parents paid this outrageous tuition and then they gave you half of it. The entire campus was a bunch of facades, and you only showed up one day a year, Parent’s Day. After four years they gave you your degree.

Accepted is a film that takes the idea of a fake school and updates it for the current generation. Justin Long plays Bartelby, who gets rejected by every school he applies to. With an overbearing father, he is under some severe pressure to get into an institution of higher education. We’re not talking about a specific school, but any school that will take him. He decides to have his friend build a web site for a fictitious school- South Harmon Institute of Technology (yes, those initials do stand for what you think they do). He writes himself a letter of acceptance, and his father is quite pleased.

Faster than we can say matriculate, some of his friends, also with college rejection problems decide to jump on board. Along the way, with their parent’s tuition checks in hand, they decide to legitimize their school. There is humor along the way, whether they are renovating a condemned psych hospital for their campus, or finding a more than washed up shoe salesman, with some seriously radical views, to become their new dean.

While on the surface this is all fun and games, there is a little bit of a deeper commentary about the current state of college education. Those looking for a comedy that is simultaneously silly, but with a social conscience, than take a look at Accepted.

Overall Grade: B
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