The Matador (2005)

I recently rented The Matador, and I hope that I can save someone the pain I endured. Forgetting for a moment that I'm really not a Brosnan fan (he was an awful James Bond), the plot here is the real weakness. In the end, it is truly thinner than the matador's cape in the bullfight. Brosnan poorly plays a "business facilitator" (aka: assassin) that criss-crosses the globe to seal the deal. A seemingly chance meeting with an American businessman sets the stage for the rest of the movie. Much of the storyline develops while these two dialogue at the bar, and this is about as exciting as watching two drunks imbibing margaritas- a rather droll experience. The rest of the film does nothing to save itself with 70's style locale titles flashing on the screen, and drawn out scenes of old Mexican movies incorporated in. Definitely pass The Matador by on your Netflix list, and next trip through Blockbuster.

Overall Grade: D

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