On Our One Year Anniversary....

Just about a year ago, I looked around and realized that while there are tons of websites, no one was reviewing the kind of entertainment that me and some friends were really interested in. I approached some of them, and roped them into writing for my vision of an "entertainment blog" that became known as "The Armchair Critic." Our first post was just about one year ago today. I wasn't sure that we'd have enough content as more than half the blogs on the web have had no update for over three months.

Recently, at a party, a gentleman (who is a friend of a friend, but I had never met) came up to me and asked "So, you're Jonas, THE Armchair Critic." This was in fact Steve, who ran a now defunct entertainment site from the late '90's known as "Rant Rave" that didn't weather an unfortunate server crash too well. His question caught me a little off guard as this was the first time that anyone had identified me as having any relation to any website.

While I did conceive this site, and function as the webmaster, as well as providing a fair chunk of the content (specializing in not so recently released DVD's...), this site is only functioning because of the contributions of others. I'd like to thank, on our anniversary, the regular and outstanding contributions on Scott and Mike. Both have put forth A TON of effort to create the content that we all enjoy on a regular basis. In addition, I'd also like to thank our occasional contributors Jim and Rachel, that help provide additional depth and material enriching us all.

We reached over 10,000 page views in under a year, which is impressive as none of us have quit our day jobs to do this endeavor. Taking an unknown site such as this one, and getting it known is always a challenge. Add in the fact that my area of expertise is really computer hardware (at least within computers...), and that my writers had little HTML experience and we had the deck stacked against us. Be that as it may, we persevered, and now are getting over one thousand page views per month lately!

Thanks again to our loyal readership. We're here to stay, and you can count on us to continue to provide you with "the most opinionated reviews from the world of entertainment." Happy holidays to all!


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