Scimitar SL-2

In my continuing series of submarine novels, this time we're looking at Scimitar SL-2 by Patrick Robinson. This series is heavily advised by a former Royal Navy admiral, as well as other experts. Scimitar SL-2 is the sequel to Barracuda 945, and the seventh in this series of novels.

When last we left our seafaring Hamas terrorists (in Barracuda 945) their rogue nuclear sub was destroyed, but they got away. In Scimitar SL-2 they put a second sub to destructive uses. Filled to the brim with North Korean missiles, they're off to terrorize America. Familiar evil doers, including General Rashood, and his wife Shakira figure prominently into the plot.

Just when we thought Patrick Robinson had written everything there was to write about a sub, he comes up with missile attacks on volcanoes. I will say it was creative, but probably not too realistic. In the end, the Barracda would have been better off just launching the missiles directly at a target than at a volcano. I guess we can call this "ecoterrorism."

I was disappointed the way that Robinson spent a great many pages describing the possible effects of a tsunami into our cities (in excrucating detail), but the sub hunt occupied only a handful. Scimitar SL-2 would have been a stronger novel had it been reversed. We still did get a glimpse into the logistics of tracking down a silent sub in the Atlantic ocean.

Of course, who better to lead a sub hunt, but the loud-mouthed leader, Admiral Morgan. Coming out of retirement for this, he leads the American response to the rogue nuclear sub. The novel is worth reading just to hear the way he tells off the French diplomatic corps! I'm also not sure if their military junta to deal with an ineffective President was too realistic either, but it does advance the plot so I'll chalk it up to creative license.

In conclusion, Scimitar SL-2 is not the strongest novel in Robinson's excellent submarine series of novels. It is an enjoyable technothriller for those with an interest in naval fiction. Anchors aweigh, and full speed ahead!

Overall Grade: B

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