The Family Stone

The Family Stone is a fresh look at the modern American family. It stars Diane Keaton and Craig T. Nelson as the parents of a brood of children. The plot revolves around the adult children returning to the family home of their empty nester parents for an extended Christmas holiday. Some of these kids bring home those that significant to them: their children, a significant other, a girlfriend. The girlfriend, brought home by the eldest, Everett, is the fly in the ointment. She is the metropolitan yuppie that is the antithesis of the simpler New Englandish Stone family. After a few scuffles in a very full house, we need to make room for one more as the girlfriend's sister shows up. This takes a complicated situation, and ratchets it another notch up! This dramatic comedy is filled with zany and touching moments that any dysfunctional family is sure to identify with and enjoy.

Overall Grade: B+

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