Proof is a film that stars two Hollywood heavyweights: Anthony Hopkins and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The film is a character driven story that was adapted from a play. The theatrical roots of the screenplay come through as most of the movie takes place in the family home.

Anthony Hopkins plays Paltrow's father. He is a genius mathematician and former college professor. Unfortunately, he did his major work at the young age of 23. His later years are plagued by disabling mental illness.

Gwyneth Paltrow is the dutiful daughter that has put her life on hold to take care of her father. She is also bound to her father by her ability and interest in math.

The plot then focuses on a lost notebook that just may represent some holy grail of numbers. Since we are not college professors, we are never really told what was discovered. I suppose they didn't want us to feel lost in some graduate evel calculus class, but I ended up feeling in the dark about the whole thing.

On one level, Proof explores family dynamics between a father and two daughters. Through a series of dream sequences and flashbacks, the details are carefully metered out. Like in many families, what appears to be almost normal emerges as dysfunctional with a capital "D."

On a deeper level, this movie delves into the fine line between crazy and genius. As Proof develops, it is elucidated that Hopkins has blurred this line for years, and skirted along both sides of it.

If either of those themes appeal to you, check out Proof. This well acted film will appeal to you.

Overall Grade: B

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