North Country

"All She Wanted Was To Make A Living. Instead She Made History"

Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, and Sissy Spacek star in the drama North Country. The "north country" is in rural Minnesota. Theron's character plays Josey Aimes, a single mom who needs a job at the local iron mine to literally make ends meet. Unfortunately, the men of the mine really don't want the women working there, and they make it more than completely uncomfortable for the women to come to work each day. The men repeatedly cross the line, and harass them constantly. The women workers endure their torture because of their need for the better paying mining jobs. As time goes on, the atrocities contnue to the point that noone would be able to endure them, and they reach a breaking point. This leads to the first class action sexual harassment lawsuit in US history.

Not quite a "stand up and cheer" movie, it is more of outrage and shock that this went on in recent history. The movie also runs a little long at over two hours, and has a slower pace than was somewhat necessary. The actor's performances are well done, particularly Josey's strained relationship with her parents, given the fact that her father works at the mine and has a divided allegiance. While North Country reminded me of Norma Rae, I enjoyed that film much more.

Overall Grade: B

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