All The King's Men (2006)

With a cast including Sean Penn, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Anthony Hopkins, and James Gandolfini, a movie has to be good, if not great, right? Well, after trying to watch All The King's Men, it just proves (once again) that no amount of star power can save an otherwise dismal script.

The plot focuses on the life and times of Huey "The Kingfish" Long. He was the original power broker from Louisiana, first as their governor, and then after a one term limit, as their senator. He was also attempting to challenge President Franklin Roosevelt's reelection campaign for the '36 election. With his political power, and colorful personality, I'm sure this is fertile ground to make an intriguing film about this character. Interestingly, his first job was as a door to door salesmen, and he spent the rest of his career selling himself to his constituents.

Unfortunately, All The King's Men is quite the dismal film. The plot line is barely nonexistent. The artificial laid on Cajun accents required use of the subtitles. Gimme a break- James Gandolfini's was especially fake. The whole thing moves at a glacial pace, and barely makes sense. It's really sad when the twenty minute documentary in the bonus features has more to impart than the main attraction. Also annoyingly, even though the film is clearly about Huey Long, they insist on renaming the main character played by Sean Penn to Willie Stark. Why you might wonder? I truly have no idea.

In summary, I recommend All The King's Men to no one, unless you have to see Tony Soprano speak with a fake Cajun accent. Run, don't walk...you've been warned! It was truly a waste of good acting talent on such an ill conceived, and poorly written screenplay.

Overall Grade: F

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