The Ron Clark Story (2006)

I'm always in the mood for a stand up and cheer movie, and The Ron Clark Story fits the category. Based on a true story, Matthew Perry portrays teacher Ron Clark. This educator is an energetic middle school teacher from North Carolina. He decides to follow his own advice to take a risk and find a challenge. Packing up his life into an old Mustang, he goes to Manhattan in search of some children that truly could use his services. After some searching, he takes on a class of discipline problems at a protypical inner city school. The kids fight him at every opportunity, and have no interest in the education he's offering. The principal of the school is less than supportive. Ron Clark makes personal sacrifices along the way like the apartment he lives in is a rather run down mess. Clark must go beyond the classroom just to keep his students from falling by the wayside. When the year is over, both he and the children are deservedly proud. Those looking for some of their own inspiration should watch The Ron Clark Story on DVD.

Overall Grade: B

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