The Marine (2006)

Think back to those 80's action hero flicks when Ronald Reagan was president and MTV was new and had only music. I'm sure you'll you remember, stuff like Schwarzenegger's Commando, and Stallone's Rambo series. Recall if you will, the simple plot lines, the Neanderthal dialogue, and the explosions and gunfire galore. Now combine what is most mediocre about those films, and you'll have a pretty good idea what The Marine is all about.

Let's see, John Cena is a professional wrestler. Let's cast him as an ex-Marine who gets an early discharge for saving his buddies from certain death. Next we see him as a security guard "rent-a-cop" and he's not exactly adept at that when he throws someone through a window. So next, he decides to take a vacation to the mountains with his wife. While refueling, his wife just happens to get abducted by a bunch of jewel thieves. Of note, the robbers are led by Patrick Robert who does a good job acting as the prototypical bad guy, but with a sense of humor. The rest of the film is Cena as the unstoppable Marine, in pursuit to save his wife. And just when we think it is over, just like in The Terminator, there is a little more action.

The Marine is one of those mega action movies that has almost enough plot to glue the whole thing together. While preteen and early teen males may enjoy this type of thing, I doubt that wider audiences will think much of this film. Proceed at your own risk, and let's hope for a sequel... NOT!

Overall Grade: C

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