The Last Kiss (2006)

The Last Kiss is a modern look at the transition time from our society's prolonged adolescence to the stage of young adulthood. It stars Zach Braff, Casey Affleck, and Rachel Bilson. Braff plays Michael who seems to have his whole life in order and planned out. At 29 he's a successful architect who is climbing the career ladder at work. He has a beautiful girlfriend who is pregnant with a supportive family. The problem is that his whole life is mapped out, and he realizes that without some severe change, the next thirty years will just play out, and he doesn't like what he sees down the road. After a chance meeting with Kim, a college undergraduate played by Rachel Bilson, he gets involved in a side relationship. When his significant other is on to his game, he has a crisis of conscience and is forced to make some decisions. And making decisions, and controlling one's destiny is what being an adult is in the end.

While I was expecting The Last Kiss to be just another light and funny look into young adulthood, I found it dark and introspective. The scenes with the parents, less than happy after thirty years also were a downer along the way. The Last Kiss offers a modern commentary on long relationships in our society, and it offers more realism than entertainment. While it provokes some thought, don't expect to be wearing a smile from ear to ear after the viewing. If you want a sociological exploration into young adulthood, then The Last Kiss is for you.

Overall Grade: B-

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