Harsh Times (2005)

Christian Bale, Eva Longoria and Freddy Rodriguez star in Harsh Times. This film takes a look at life after being a soldier, and the corruption in law enforcement in Los Angeles.

Bale plays Jim Luther Davis, a recently discharged member of the Army Rangers, which are an elite special forces group. He served his country in Afghanistan. Now back in civilian life, he has a girlfriend "South of the Border" and needs gainful employment to bring her stateside. He first gets rejected from the LAPD, and then he gets a second chance from Homeland Security (which raises the question if they're getting the leftovers...). Anyway, along the way, he hangs out with his buddy, Mike Alonzo, played by Freddy Rodriguez, and they engage in all types of illegal behavior- gun dealing, DWI, assault, and drugs are all in a day's work as both are unemployed.

While Davis does not get officially labeled as having post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), he exhibits the classic symptoms of it. He is emotionally irritable and labile. He has poor, unrestful sleep with nightmares. he is aggressive with total strangers for no reason. It is a missed opportunity that he never gets the help that he so desperately needs.

Harsh Times tells the tale of what comes after military service for far too many soldiers. The military gets the problem off of their table by discharging them and recruiting someone else, but the issues persist. It is also a shocking look at the lawlessness among those that should be serving to uphold and enforce the law. If you want a gritty and violent look into these issues, then check out Harsh Times.

Overall Grade: B-

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