The Unit, Second Season, CBS Television

This has been the second season of CBS’s The Unit. This show focuses on the activities of the quite clandestine military unit known as Delta Force. While they are not well publicized, they draw the best of special forces to take on a variety of covert op missions. They have a special interest in hostage rescue situations and counterterrorism.

The Unit offers a glimpse into this military organization from two intertwined angles. On the one hand, we have the brave men (at least on the show there are no females) that risk their lives routinely under the harshest of circumstances, and in some of the least safe countries of the world, all for not much respect (their cover is that they are a logistical support company), and only enlisted pay. The other intriguing aspect is that they show their wives and families. Their loved ones think they know the danger that these soldiers face, but quite often don’t even know what continent their husbands are on, or when they will return. In the meantime, it falls upon them to raise the children, and keep the household running which can be a challenge on Army pay.

The plots have been quite relevant to today’s headlines. Whether they are in Latin America, Pakistan, or down the block in Virginia, they are often quite plausible circumstances. By following this unit, we can see first hand how these experts approach these problems, what tools they use to get the job done, and the inherit dangers of this type of work. Meanwhile, back on the home front the families face other challenges that at times are no less daunting.

For anyone that wants a view into Army life, both for the soldiers and their families, then The Unit is for you. I’ve enjoyed this second season as much as the first, and can’t wait for the third. Catch it after NCIS on Tuesdays at 9 PM, EST, or on their online video offerings.

Overall Grade: A-

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