The Time Machine (2002)

The Time Machine is a fresh look at the classic turn of the century H. G. Wells novel. I'm happy to report that with a little updating, it can maintain its relevancy with modern audiences.

Guy Pierce portrays an eccentric scientist that is a Professor at Columbia University. He is fascinated with all things mechanical. Tragedy strikes when his very recently engaged fiance is tragically and abruptly killed. Pierce then decides that he must build a time machine to chang the past. Unlike in the Back to the Future films, this time it's not so easy to remake reality. After an intriguing stop in the year 2030, followed by 2037 (I've never read the novel, but it's safe to assume these are added), the controls get stuck and we fast foward 80,000 years ahead. It's probably true when Einstein said that he couldn't predict the weapons of World War III, but he was sure that WW 4 would be fought with clubs. So far into the future, we get a fascinating glimpse into one visionary's portrayal of what mankind may become.

Supporting this film are the special effects. The Victorian era style time machine, with its spinning gears, and brass gauges becomes a focal point for several key scenes. Even for a film that is a few years old, it holds up quite well and is fascinating to watch as the parts whirl around.

Any dreamer that is a fan of the science fiction genre will really enjoy The Time Machine. I had passed this DVD on the rental shelf for years, and I'm glad it finally found its way home to my player.

Overall Grade: B

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