Mr. Fix It (2006)

David Boreanaz plays Lance Valenteen, who is better known as Mr. Fix It. No, he's not the guy you call to fix a leaking roof, or unclog a toilet. His area of expertise lies in fixing messed up relationships through an unorthodox approach. Mr. Fix It reminded of another film: Hitch.

When a guy loses the woman who is his one "true love," he turns to the fixer one to get her back. Valenteen, based on interviews and reconnaissance becomes the perfect guy to get this gal. Then, just when she is about to commit to this long term, he brilliantly becomes her worst nightmare, and the previous boyfriend swoops down to save the day.

I can tell you that this movie is rather simplistic, and goes way beyond romantic to end up on the sappy side of things. Who comes up with this stuff? The secondary theme of the usefulness of the elderly also gets the simple treatment, and the ages they were showing the older folks at weren't old by today's standards. finally, for a romantic comedy, it wasn't all that funny, aside from the go kart scene which was the highlight of the film. As they might say after an accident: "move on here folks, nothing to see here."

Overall Grade: C

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