Pyramids - Terry Pratchett (1989)

Readers are directed to my review of Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters for all neccessary prefatory comments. In brief, this is a Discworld novel, and, as the saying goes, "For those of you that like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you like."

On to specifics. Pyramids is set in an Ancient Eygypt analog on the Discworld, an unusual setting for the series. This gives Pratchett full rein to poke fun at Pyramid Power, pay homage to mummy movies, slip in a few pointed remarks about the silliness of hidebound tradition-for-tradition's sake and generally lark about in his usual fashion.

While it is not the best of the Discworld books, it isn't the worst either. The setting however means that unless you are a fan either of Pratchett/Discworld or Egypt/mummies, it's probably only for completists.

Overall Grade: C+

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