Boynton Beach Club (2005)

Taking a look at the senior side of things is the film, Boynton Beach Club. This is a semi -comical look at life after marriage in a stereotypical Florida retirement community.

Marilyn, played by Brenda Vaccaro, finds herself a widow after her husband is literally run over by a neighbor backing off of her driveway. As she is suddenly single, she is encouraged to join a bereavement support group- at the local senior center, and hence the title. What follows is a series of adventures, misadventures, and relationships among the oldsters, where the guys are seriously outnumbered by the gals, and all concerned need to update their dating skills into this century.

As the film progresses, we are enlightened that these seniors bring a luggage rack full of baggage from a lifetime of relationships into their present dating endeavors. This adds challenge, and makes an honest and open relationship at least a level more difficult. Still, it is touching to see if love can conquer these obstacles as well.

Boynton Beach Club, complete with a Florida early bird special, and a senor center conga line, is a touching look at those trying to start anew, among those looking back.

Overall Grade: B

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