Summer Rental (1985)

It is often interesting to go back and watch an older film. I had never seen Summer Rental before, but when I saw that it featured John Candy, and directed by Carl Reiner, I decided to check it out.

This film features Candy as Jack Chester, an overworked, and burnt out air traffic controller. After he mistakes a fly on his radar console for a lost private jet, he agrees that he is due for a break- big time. He then packs up his family, drives from Atlanta to the Florida Keys, and pulls into his paradise by the sea summer rental. While it is less than relaxing, now the fun seriously starts. From being in the wrong rental, to the restaurant's lobster tank emptying out, to a suntan that could only be described as "well done," this is hardly the R & R he signed up for!

While Summer Rental is not quite timeless, I found the technology more nostalgic then dated. For those of us that grew up with music from Sony Walkmans (yes, there was music before iPods for the youngsters), and when a family car involved a station wagon with an overly generous helping of fake plastic wood, we'll get a kick out of seeing this and more in the film. Then again, I like my GPS unit a little too much to go back to those simpler times.

If you're looking for some light humor, with a peak 80's twist, than Summer Rental is a comedy rental worth seeking out.

Overall Grade: B


NFL Adam said...

Good work. I always enjoyed this film. The funny part to me, is that this came out when boob jobs were just starting to become popular for a selected few, instead of being a sweet 16 present.

Toru Matsuoka said...

Carl Reiner didn't direct any of the Oceans films. That was Soderberg.
Carl acts in them, sure.

digitaldoc said...

Thank you Toru. I checked the IMDB and you are correct. Thanks, and corrected!