Unknown (2006)

Continuing my string of mediocre films this week is Unknown. It features Greg Kinnear, and Joe Pantoliano. The premise is that five guys wake up in a warehouse, and have no idea how they got there. They are locked in, bulletproof glass, reinforced doors and all. Despite there being two working phones shown, the five of them never use them to call for help! As the film progresses, we glean that two of them were involved with the bad guys, and the rest are just caught up in this. Unfortunately, we never progress beyond this point. Unknown simply has too many loose ends, and more confusion than clarity. After the first twenty minutes, we just have these folks all on each other’s throats scavenging for weapons, and preparing for the final confrontation as we wait for the ones that put them in there to arrive. Unknown drops below the mediocre level, and would be best to live up to its namesake. Leave it on the shelf at Blockbuster, and move on to anything else.

Overall Grade: D


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