Garage Days (2002)

Garage Days is the movie version of the popular phrase "Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll," with an Aussie twist. It features Kick Gurry and Maya Stange. Despite the name, there is no connection to the popular music software that Apple includes in the iLife package.

We start with a group of twenty something’s on the streets of Sydney. They're looking for their first gig, you know, their big break. When they finally get it, their debut concert is more fizzle than sizzle, and the lone saving grace is a chance connection that gets made with a record producer. Eventually this does pay off, but along the way there is a healthy heaping of struggle among the band members. True to any serious rockers, the band can barely stay together amongst the frequent drug use, and the nonmonogamous intercourse that characterizes their daily activity.

While Garage Days had some potential, it gets quagmired in the band's difficulties as they strive towards their goal. Also, I needed frequent use of the DVD’s subtitles to understand the thickly accented Australian English. If you've watched "This Is Spinal Tap" more times than you'd like to admit, than Garage Band is your kind of film. Rock on!

Overall Grade: B-


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