I Think I Love My Wife (2007)

Chris Rock stars in I Think I Love My Wife. While this gets billed as a comedy, it's more of a mix of comedy and drama- a "dramedy" if you will.

Chris Rock plays Richard Cooper. To all outward appearances he is living the American dream. He works as a Manhattan investment banker, has two wonderful children, a beautiful wife, and a great house in the 'burbs. Unfortunately, his wife's frigidness pushes him to think that his whole life is boring, and triggers a midlife crisis- big time. In the middle of this, Nikki, played by Kerry Washington, arrives on the scene. She is the beautiful ex-girlfriend of Cooper's best friend from college. For the rest of the film, she is pulling him away from his marriage, and job, at every opportunity. Rock goes along, for the most part, as he ends up in the middle of this love triangle. With his boring life turned upside down, coworker George, ably played by Steve Buscemi offers sagely advice. Teetering on the edge of losing it all, Cooper takes a long hard look at what he wants out of his life.

While there are a few humorous sequences, like when Cooper develops an unwanted side effect from a little blue pill, for the most part, this film is just not that funny. Underneath the one liners, this is a front row seat on a guy experiencing a serious midlife crisis as he sits in a Porsche convertible. I found I Think I Love My Wife only average.

Overall Grade: C+


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