The Game Plan (2007)

In the film, The Game Plan, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays the guy who lives and breathes football. In fact he's the star quarterback for a fictitious Boston professional team. Suddenly he discovers he has an eight year old daughter, Peyton Kelly (Madison Pettis) when she literally appears on his doorstep. Somehow, she doesn't fit into his plans for the all night party at the local club, or the team practice, or the rotating girlfriends. Her interest in ballet also clearly doesn't fit into this jock's macho image.

However, quite predictably, as the film progresses, the father and daughter bond. He gets involved in the ballet; she in his football. We learn the circumstances as to how she ended up at his door, and he'll do anything to keep her around and happy.

All right, I know that The Game Plan is put out by Disney, and everything they do tastes at least a little saccharin sweet (and they probably put Prozac in the coffee down at the happiest place on earth"). While I suppose that if I were 10 years old, and hadn't seen too many films before, I probably would have enjoyed it. However, it's not that this is a terrible movie, it's just not too original, and not a really good one. I can't really recommend it that much as there's nothing truly memorable or well done. Still, for some family friendly retread, The Game Plan isn't the worst if you don't expect too much from it.

Overall Grade: C+

Reviewed by Jonas

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