Sleuth (2007)

There's no doubt that Michael Caine and Jude Law both have award winning acting abilities, however in the film Sleuth it simply doesn't matter. The premise is that Caine is Andrew Wyke, a mystery novel writer (kind of like a James Patterson). Jude Law is Milo Tindle, an out of work actor who makes a living hairdressing. The two have crossed paths in that Law is having an affair with Caine's wife, and they both know this.

What follows is a drama where the two are both trying to at first intimidate each other. This turns into each trying to kill each other. This is all set in an English country mansion, that looks like the crew of "Sound & Vision" magazine just left as the entire home is automated with security cameras on every inch of the acreage, and LCD screens deploying from nooks and crannies.

However, for too much of Sleuth, I felt like I was watching one of those "Mad Magazine" Spy vs. Spy cartoons. Whenever one got the upper hand, the other one would inevitably snatch it back. This goes on and on in a more monotonous than intriguing fashion. Even though the film lasts a mere 89 minutes, it felt like it was over three hours. While I like both of these veteran actors, I can't recommend Sleuth as anything enjoyable.

Overall Grade: C

Reviewed by Jonas

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JB said...

The idea was interesting: remake Sleuth with Caine, who originally played Law's part, taking over the part played by Laurence Olivier. I'm not surprised it failed, though.

The original film is great, however, and well worth checking out. -- JB