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While the Hollywood Writer's Strike has come to a close, there still is a paucity of new TV shows these days. It's probably due to this that I gave the new show New Amsterdam a chance, even though the whole premise sounded rather silly, and would garner a Mythbuster implausible.

John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is a NYC detective that has seen it all. No really, he has, as he has lived in the Big Apple from 1642 to now. He just happened to get immortal life from a Native American girl who repaid him after he saved her life. His immortality is as much a blessing as a curse as he needs to find his true love in order to become mortal again.

All right, the first time I heard the premise of the show, as I just outlined, I thought that this made no sense, and how could we make a show around this. After I gave it a chance, and watched the season opener, I see how this could work. For example, there are some interesting flashbacks that show NYC in the past, and can enrich the current location (kind of like in Lost, but significantly less confusing). Also, our main character, Amsterdam, has made a living for the last four hundred years, so we've already gotten hints in the opener that he was a desk maker, a soldier, and who knows what else? The past is also revealed in the course of a murder investigation as Amsterdam does have a day job in this, and at least one other that knows his secret. And how could I forget? He also thinks he finds his true love, although he has no idea who she is. How hard can it be to find her in NYC among the masses?

After the season opener, I am hooked for the time being. It is currently airing on Monday nights on the FOX network. In an Armchair first, in case you missed it, the entire episode, thanks to Hulu, can be seen in the window below so feel free to catch up. Cool, huh?

Grade: B+

Reviewed by Jonas

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Ben Abba said...

I just found your article and found it quite interesting. I watched the first 3 episodes of New Amsterdam and enjoyed them. However, they did not create as much excitement for me as the "Highlander" or "The Man From Earth" movies. Still I expect that the story is still being developed and could become quite fascinating as the series plays out.

Now, a story about a real immortal would create more excitement.

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