I Spy (2002)

I Spy is a comedic look at the world of James Bond. It stars Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson, and much of it is set in Budapest (Where else could you have a spy movie but a former Eastern block country?). This film is based on a classic TV series.

Wilson plays Special Agent Alex Scott. He's had a rough start to his career, but he can get the job done even he's not exactly slick doing it. Murphy portrays Kelly Rob, an undefeated boxer who gets pressed into government service as a cover for the agent. Their mission is to recover an invisible plane that is being sold to the highest bidder in a secret weapon auction.

In order for a film such as I Spy to work, it has to be funny, as the plot is secondary, and really only is there to provide a framework for the humor. Thankfully it is. Fans of the Bond films will get a kick out of the opening scene when Wilson's character complains about other agents getting "all the cool stuff," and his gear his ten years out of date. The jokes mostly work also as Murphy coaches Wilson through a romantic interest Rachel, played by Famke Janssen. There are also plenty of good action sequences as the spies bumble through a getaway, and drive some Bimmers off of a car carrier.

At any rate, while I Spy should not be taken too seriously, as a film it mostly works. If you are looking for a James Bond parody of some sort, then check out I Spy.

Overall Grade: B

Reviewed by Jonas

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