Gracie (2007)

Yet another entry into the genre of "stand up and cheer" sports movies is Gracie. This time around, the sport is soccer. However, this film is a little more than just another sports film. Carly Schroeder stars as Grace "Gracie" Bowen.

At the Bowen house, the family lives, breathes and eats soccer 24/7. The focus of this effort is centered on the eldest child, Johnny, an athletically gifted high schooler that is the star soccer player, coached by his father (ably played by Dermot Mulroney) who is reliving his glory days. Tragically, Johnny is abruptly killed, and reasonably so, it effects the entire family.

As the Bowen family attempts to move on from their loss, Gracie, the sister, decides to play soccer and pick up right where her brother left off. This film chronicles the true story of the uphill battle that she faced, from her family, her friends and the school. Oh, I should mention that this took place in the 70's, and there was no girls soccer team so she was fighting to take the field with the boys.

As a child of the Seventies, I appreciated the soundtrack that used all time appropriate tunes. The props department also paid attention to details such as the 70's specific packaging of the Cornflakes and Gatorade. While neither is essential, it does go towards making a decent film better, and keeping the time setting authentic and believable.

The bottom line is that I enjoyed Gracie. It tells a story of fighting for equality, and moving on after tragedy. It's good drama, and a good sports movie, which are always a combination worth watching.

Overall Grade: B+

Reviewed by Jonas

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