Conspiracy (2008)

So what do we end up with when we put Val Kilmer into the role of a discharged Marine with some issues, and call the film Conspiracy? Well, direct to video is never the hallmark of high quality cinema, but at least this time it's more watchable than most.

Kilmer is MacPherson, a special forces Marine that was discharged from the Gulf War (it's anyone's guess if it was part one or two) after sustaining an injury. While he's happy to live a completely hedonistic lifestyle on his disability pay, a war buddy encourages begs him to come out to New Mexico where he needs some help on his ranch. After some "hoo-ra's" and "semper fi's" he agrees to make the cross country journey by bus to the border town. However, as he enters a booming town that appears like a gold rush just started, he can't find a trace of his buddy whose his house (we later learn) is burned to the ground. On top of that, some Halliburton type of contractor appears to be controlling the whole place, and have the police in their back pocket.

Now we've got a majorly ruffled Marine asking all the wrong questions as the local law enforcement attempts to escort MacPherson back to the bus depot for a one way trip back to where he came from. Soon, this turns into some type of poor man's Rambo remake, but it is not as nearly engaging as the original as first blood is drawn. As the film progresses, the score gets settled, and we learn what is really going on in the town.

In a medical aside, there's a mistake in the film. In one scene, it's clearly seen that MacPherson has a leg prosthesis on his right leg for an above knee amputation. However, later in the film, he somehow manages to drive a car using his right foot. Despite the latest prosthesis, this simply wouldn't occur, and makes no sense to me.

Medical nitpicks aside, all I can say is that this wasn't too terrible a film, but it wasn't that good of one either. Those looking for some kind of Rambo Lite will think the film Conspiracy is ok.

Overall Grade: B-/C+

Reviewed by Jonas

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