Love or Money (2001)

Love or Money is a British look, through film, at the age old question of whether one should marry for love or money. This has been going on for eons, and Jane Austen wrote about it plenty, so why not make a film about it. Apparently this film is kind of obscure (I can't even find the movie poster for it), but you never know what you can find on the shelf at your public library.

Daniel is having trouble finding a suitable bride, so after a souring experience, he decides to go on a game/reality television show. Worse than ABC's "The Bachelor," the show requires you to marry a bride that you've never seen before (but voted for by some TV audience), and then make a marriage work for six months. Why would anyone subject themselves to this test of "Wedding Survivor?" Well, after the half a year, if you're still hitched, and can answer a set of questions correctly about your mate, you get a little bonus consisting of two cars, a nice house, and a million pounds (which, with the exchange rate, is quite a bit of dough these days).

The ironic thing is that Daniel hardly needs the cash as his family is some type of ice cream mogul in England. He marries Samantha, a down on her luck physical therapist who sees this as her way out of her current financial situation. She also has a few surprises of her own that Daniel must learn to cope with as the film progresses.

In summary, Love or Money is somewhat offbeat. While the pretense of a game show to settle this complex issue is hardly realistic, but it does frame this age old question that does come up in our society more times than many would admit. If you're not sure which is more important, than checking out this film might stimulate some thought.

Overall Grade: B

Reviewed by Jonas

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