Fever Pitch (2005)

When the Farrelly Brothers make a comedy, it's usually pretty funny, although they can border on the stupid at times- or worse. Thankfully, in Fever Pitch, they were able to elevate the humor, and still have a plot worth watching. With MLB starting up this week, I felt the urge to check out Fever Pitch.

Linsey Meeks, ably played by Drew Barrymore is a high power mathematician climbing the corporate ladder. Along the way, she has met more jerks than men, and hence she is single as she approaches the big 3-0. An junior high math teacher, Ben Wrightman, played by Jimmy Fallon shows up in the office one day with his students for a tour. After being encouraged by his entourage of students, he asks Linsey out, even though his class thinks she is "over his head." While the first date doesn't go as expected as she unleashes a volley of vomit, and Ben surprisingly doesn't run for the hills, soon a winter romance develops between these two. All is going really well for this relationship until one thing happens: Red Sox opening day. It turns out that to say that Ben is the ultimate Sox fan might be an understatement. Soon, the relationship is strained to the breaking point in this romantic comedy.

Fever Pitch is a really fun movie to watch. It captures much of the excitement of a baseball pennant race, and the fun of a new relationship. It's intriguing to see how the couple tries to work beyond the Red Sox as the third person of this love triangle. Also, the props department did a good job of creating Wrightman's apartment into Red Sox Fan Central with everything imaginable, down to Yankee toilet paper. If you're looking for a baseball themed romantic comedy, Fever Pitch is a really good one to choose.

Overall Grade: A

Reviewed by Jonas

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