Life or Something Like It (2002)

Angelina Jolie and Edward Burns star in Life or Something Like It. It's a romantic drama that takes a look at what to do when you think you're abruptly dying.

Jolie is Lanie Kerrigan, the Seattle TV reporter who is climbing the corporate ladder. She seemingly has it all together, and loves her life: she dates a major leaguer, has a great apartment, and is a TV personality that is on the verge of going national. What could possibly mess this all up?

A chance encounter with a homeless guy/prophet of doom, known on the street as Prophet Jack (played by Tony Shalhoub, better known for his work on "Monk") sets the stage for the conflict of the film. Out of nowhere, he makes some predictions, including one that Lanie is to die within the week.

What's a blonde to do? Absolutely nothing, at first. However, when his initial prophesies start to materialize, she takes his soothsaying more seriously. In the meantime, Lanie travels to NY for her national TV debut, which haphazardly turns into the interview of her life. With so little time left, she rapidly rebounds from the end of her relationship, and starts anew with the cameraman she can't stand, Pete (Edward Burns).

Overall, Life or Something Like It just didn't do it for me. The plot kind of drags, and none of the performances were overly convincing or involving. I've seen each of these actors do better in other roles. While there's really nothing wrong with this film, there's really no reason to seek it out either.

Overall Grade: C+

Reviewed by Jonas

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