Feast of Love (2007)

I've never been a fan of films that could be categorized as "slice of life." Similarly, I don't enjoy films that have tons of characters with disparate stories that for too much of the film their paths don't cross. While Feast of Love has elements of both of these types of films, it actually does pull it off.

Feast of Love takes place in a small town of Oregon. Morgan Freeman portrays a college professor on permanent sabbatical. While away from the school, he gives advice to his acquaintances. Another major character is Bradley Thomas, played by Greg Kinnear. He keeps looking for love (sorry for the cliche) in all the wrong places. Along the way we meet a realtor that offers more than a house, and another young couple believes that love can save all. Through it all, Freeman is the father figure that glues this all together as he plays the paternalistic role to the rest of the town.

There is a medical tie in to Feast of Love. At one point, one of the characters catches a football, and ends up on the ground in need of CPR. Can that really happen? Unfortunately this can occur as the energy transfer sends the heart into an arrhythmia. Thankfully, there was an ER doc on the scene. What does she do? Two precordial thumps that reestablish a pulse (which only rarely works outside of Hollywood), and a run to the hospital in a station wagon. As they are stuck in traffic, it shows why they would have been better off waiting for the ambulance which could have provided meds and defibrillation. Too bad they didn't have an AED at the game as it could have given this guy a much better chance.

Anyway, Feast of Love is a disjointed and mildly haphazard look at this grand experience known as life. While it's not always pretty, it gets the job done.

Overall Grade: B-

Reviewed by Jonas

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