Just Like Heaven

Movie, 2005
Reese Witherspoon stars in Just Like Heaven, a charming romantic comedy. This film is a twist on the genre in that it combines elements of a ghost movie.

Witherspoon plays Dr. Elizabeth, a very qualified and super devoted Emergency Medicine physician in a busy San Francisco hospital. She is highly career motivated, and always puts her patient's needs before hers. On the verge of transitioning from a resident to an attending physician, she hardly has time to do her laundry, let alone explore her romantic side.

Without giving too much away, Witherspoon ends up as a ghost with unresolved issues. As Scrooge does on Christmas Eve, Witherspoon is given a chance to look at her life up until that point from a new perspective, and attempt to grow from the experience.

The movie is very well paced. From the bonus features on the DVD, we can see several scenes that the director kept out of the film to keep the plot moving. Just Like Heaven does a wonderful job of motoring along.

The film is also strong visually with the use of many San Francisco locations. This also lends a feeling of authenticity to Just Like Heaven.

I also enjoyed the antics of the bookstore spiritual "expert." This contributes to the comedic counterpoint and keeps the tragedy of the film from becoming too serious.

What's keeping the grade down? The movie is a little too predictable at certain points. I was able to guess the whole direction and outcome about a third into the film. I'm not sure if others will, but it became less intriguing from that point forward.

While the plot has few twists and turns, this is an enjoyable movie. Just Like Heaven showcases why Reese Witherspoon is the new darling of Hollywood. Cuddle up with your significant other with a bowl of popcorn and just enjoy.

Overall Grade: A-

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