Swimming With Sharks

Swimming With Sharks is a 1994 movie starring Kevin Spacey, and Frank Whaley. While it gets billing as "hysterical," and a comedy, it is a dark one at best. Let's start off by saying I didn't laugh at all.

The plot revolves around Whaley as the new assistant to Spacey. Spacey is the all important Hollywood studio VP who "can make it happen." Whaley is his "boy" who does everything from make the coffee, answer the phones, and set up a rendevous with lady friend for Spacey. Spacey plays what is the embodiment of every jerk boss you can imagine, times at least ten! I can't remember seeing Spacey in this type of role, and it was an interesting change.

Well, this can't go on forever, and one day, the "young pup" loses it, and all hell breaks loose. What results is a fascinating character study into the boss-employee relationship, and the politics of Hollywood.

While I did enjoy Swimming With Sharks, don't count on too many laughs. It's just too serious for that. Oh, and bosses...get your own coffee!

Overall Grade: B+

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