Day of Wrath

Day of Wrath a novel that most definitely deserves the designation of a global thriller. This is the first novel I have read from author Larry Bond. Bond first got notiriety after collaborating with Tom Clancy on Red Storm Rising. A former naval intelligence officer, he is obviously well versed in the going ons of all the military branches. This comprehensive knowledge of the military comes through in the entire novel.

The main characters in Day of Wrath are Helen Grey and Peter Thorn. Grey is a special agent working for the FBI. Thorn is a lieutenant colonel connected to special ops. They worked together previously in a prior Bond novel, The Enemy Within. Of course, there is the romantic interest between the two.

The novel opens with the investigation of a Russian airplane crash with some American colleagues on board. It becomes apparent early on that this is no routine investigation. Before too long, Grey and Thorn realize that they will have to break more than a few rules to solve their most challenging case yet.

The drama unfolds across Europe, the US, and the Middle East. The evil mastermind behind the doomsday plot is a Saudi prince who has as much money as hatred. The plan involves "sleeper cells," improvised bombs, and international smuggling. If this sounds a lot like 9/11, you're absolutely right. The real shocker is that the book was published in 1998!

The novel is well paced, and strongly written. The dialogue and scenarios are accurate, and believable. The far flung locations are richly described without being pverly verbose.

What was written as a cautionary tale, is now a fictional recount of an alternate 9/11. I wish more people in our government had heeded the warnings of Day of Wrath before that awful day. Expect to read some more reviews of Larry Bond's work soon. It is only fitting that I designate Day of Wrath with our highest grade.

Overall Grade:A+

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